Things That Can't Go In Our Dumpsters

Dumpin' Donations Checklist

You can put all kinds of stuff in a Dumpin' Donations Dumpster, but there are a few exceptions. Here's a handy checklist you can use.

DON'T Put  in  Your  Dumpster

  • DON'T put toxic, corrosive or combustible materials or liquids in your dumpster. This includes things like oil, grease, gasoline, wet paint or flammable liquids.   
  • DON'T put any containers such as cans, drums or other containers unless they are emptied and crushed. 
  • DON'T put tires, batteries or florescent lights in your dumpster.
  • DON'T put hazardous materials in your dumpster. This includes things like asbestos, insecticides, medical waste or animal carcasses.
  • DON'T put malodorous waste in your dumpster.  
  • DON'T put extremely heavy materials in your dumpster. This includes things like shingles, dirt, rock, and concrete. Please let us know so we can help you dispose of such heavy items in an efficient manner.
  • DON'T light fires in dumpsters.
  • DON'T damage your container beyond normal wear and tear.

When loading your dumpster, Do Not Load Above Sides.  Load it like you're packing a suitcase.

Remember: Customer is responsible for dumpster while in their possession

Weight Limits

Be mindful not to exceed the dumpster's maximum weight limit. Additional charges will be applied if the load limits are exceeded.  It's an $85 a ton pro rated charge.